Cultivating a sense of community with Christa

Cultivating a sense of community with Christa, one of LOFT’s Life Enrichment Program Coordinators. Christa has been working with LOFT for the past three years, initially joining us as a Life Enrichment Worker and now working as a Coordinator for

Providing hope to clients like Jeremy

Jeremy has been one of our clients for the past nine years.  Growing up, Jeremy excelled in school. By the time he reached his senior year of high school, he was collecting straight As and university scholarships. But he was

Building a brighter future for youth

Mental health concerns and addiction are some of the most complex challenges facing youth in Canada today, but only 1 in 5 who need help actually receive it. Without adequate and timely support, youth are vulnerable to increased mental health

Holiday Update from Heather McDonald, CEO

Together with hospitals, partners, volunteers and donors, countless lives have been transformed. The impact of COVID-19 has put immense pressure on our healthcare system. Hospitals are dealing with overcrowding, and we are seeing surges in mental health needs. In the

Fall Update from Heather McDonald, CEO

Responding to unmet needs and supporting clients According to Statistics Canada, more than two in five Canadians have reported being affected by rising food prices and the high cost of living. While times have been tough, many are fortunate enough

Bienca’s story: Finding life-saving support

I like baking in my free time – muffins, cakes, and pastries. I like to try new recipes. Sometimes they turn out great but other times, not so good.” Bienca is an ambitious person, who is goal-oriented in all corners

Perin goes where she’s needed

The impact of the pandemic and rising inflation has created ongoing barriers for our young clients, especially those who need housing. Perin, a Community Support Worker from our Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Program, says it’s a worry: “Rent prices have

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