Empowering Youth through Fitness

Integrating physical activity in LOFT’s youth programs.

Thanks to the RBC Foundation, the gym at Beverley Lodge provides more than just a place to exercise – it positively impacts the lives of youth aged 14 to 25. The gym offers various ways to stay active with equipment like a multi-purpose Smith Machine, dumbbells, a stationary bike and more. The space has become a central spot for positive interactions.

Woldeh, a youth worker, shares, “It’s a place to build relationships with the youth, teach them about fitness, and encourage a healthier community.”

The gym doesn’t only benefit physical health; it also helps with stress and mental well-being. For Woldeh, it’s an unexpected and valuable part of an already great workplace. Your ongoing support ensures this vital space continues to thrive, leaving a lasting impact on the lives it touches.