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Specialized Support

Meeting our clients’ needs, whatever they may be

Specialized support programs ensure no one gets left behind. We constantly evolve our inclusive, innovative, and personalized programs so individuals who are facing complex challenges while managing HIV, gender transition, or legal/justice cases have the support they need.

Access Our Services

Our services can be accessed through a referral system, based on location. If you are in Toronto or York Region, apply using the buttons below. The application form is available online or on paper. Our Simcoe/Muskoka Region services are available by referral only through our hospital and shelter partners.

For our Behavioural Support Services and Integrated Psychogeriatric Outreach (IPOP) programs, we invite you to contact our BSO Central Access at 1-844-798-6920 to learn more and begin the referral process.


Our Positive Service Coordination program provides intensive one-on-one support services to people who are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, or addiction, and have experienced a physical or mental health crisis. Currently, the program helps more than 70 people a year leave the street, stabilize, take control of their mental and physical health, obtain affordable housing, and recover their dignity and independence.

Toronto, York Region

Seniors, Youth, Adults

Women’s Health Support (416)

Our 416 Community Support for Women program offers support for anyone 16+ who identifies as a woman and faces mental health and/or substance use challenges. The 416 provides drop-in meals, a health and wellness program, mental health and addiction support, and more.


Seniors, Youth, Adults, Women Only

Mental Health & Justice

As a partner in the Mental Health and Justice Initiative, we provide supportive housing and one-on-one support to individuals with mental health, addiction, and homelessness challenges who are in conflict with the criminal justice system. Our services include supportive counselling, advocacy, information, and referrals to other services. Our goal is the recovery of independence and dignity for each client.

Toronto, York Region

Seniors, Youth, Adults


BLOOM is an innovative program for people 18+ who wish to engage in hormonal and/or surgical gender transition. Services are available for Trans* people living with mental health and substance use issues and/or who are experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to support our clients’ transition journeys and equip them with the skills and resilience they’ll need to thrive in their authentic gender identities.

* Within the BLOOM Network, the term Trans is intended to celebrate and honour individuals who identify as two-spirit, trans or gender-expansive. The term is meant to broadly reflect an all-embracing, inclusive canopy that recognizes trans individuals, individuals who identify with the binary or those with non-binary identities. It is intended to capture those with culture-specific genders, fluid identities, as well as all other identities on the trans and gender expansive spectrum which include expression, roles, and/or perceived gender norms.


Seniors, Youth, Adults, LGBTQIA2S+ Only

Language Specific

We offer one-on-one and community support for non-English speaking senior clients through select programs, including French and Tamil.

Toronto, York Region


Transition from Hospital (ALC)

With the goal of freeing up much needed hospital beds, we offer specialized housing and supports to help adults and seniors safely and successfully return to living in the community. Designated as an “alternative level of care” by the hospital, these clients no longer need the acute care of a hospital, but were unable to be discharged because they have no appropriate caregiver support or appropriate housing. They may have been homeless prior to entering hospital or lost their housing while hospitalized. Our intensive, individualized support services enable seniors to thrive as they re-enter the community.

Toronto, York Region, Simcoe/Muskoka

Seniors, Adults

Other Support Services