Get to Know Us: Linda Sung

Providing recreational activities to the most vulnerable in our community as they achieve recovery and independence. When Linda Sung was sixteen years old, she had the chance to visit Italy. “I loved the rich culture and art, and admired the

Get to Know Us: Berhane Alemu

Berhane Alemu has a long-standing passion for community social work. When he was in school, he pushed for a placement with LOFT. It wasn’t long before he landed his first job with the organization. Nine years later, he couldn’t feel

Creative and Community-Based Recovery: Jacques’ Story

After struggling with substance abuse for most of his life, Jacques uses his creative side and the help of a supportive community to keep him thriving. LOFT client Jacques was born in Amsterdam in 1955. His family had lived in

Get to Know Us: Lucy Caceres

In a workshop early in her career, Lucy Caceres was asked to put herself in her clients’ shoes. The exercise resonated deeply and has guided the kind, caring and patient approach she takes with her clients. Lucy came to Canada

Finding a welcoming place to live: Phillip’s Story

Phillip once worked with the Toronto police force and lived in his own condo.  Initially thought to be suffering from mild depression, he was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  Faced with these challenges, in addition to subsequent mobility

Get to Know Us: Karina Santos

Karina didn’t choose LOFT. LOFT chose her. That’s how she describes the beginning of her experience as a Residential Support Worker with LOFT’s Wilkinson Housing and Support Services. As an immigrant, Karina wanted to work in the immigration and settlement

Get to Know Us: Jewels Ali

Jewels’ journey as a Psychogeriatric Case Manager with LOFT started when he was still a student at George Brown College. While enrolled in the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program, Jewels’ initial career goal was to help young people.  During a

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