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Independent Living

Supporting our clients as they live independently

Some clients may respond best to an independent or nearly independent living environment. Whether they live on their own, in a LOFT property, or shared housing, we offer on-site support for as long as it’s needed.

Access Our Services

Our services can be accessed through a referral system, based on location. If you are in Toronto or York Region, apply using the buttons below. The application form is available online or on paper. Our Simcoe/Muskoka Region services are available by referral only through our hospital and shelter partners.

For our Behavioural Support Services and Integrated Psychogeriatric Outreach (IPOP) programs, we invite you to contact our BSO Central Access at 1-844-798-6920 to learn more and begin the referral process.

On-Site Residential Support

For clients with less demanding challenges, we offer medium-support and low-support housing through LOFT-owned-and-operated apartment buildings and shared homes, as well as through our partnerships with Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Simcoe County Housing Corporation. These options are ideal for clients who prefer an independent, or nearly independent, living environment. We also offer ongoing support to clients living in apartments of their own.

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