Connecting post-secondary students with vital mental health services

Bringing mental health support to GTA campuses.

Evan is a student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) who found LOFT through TMU’s campus support services.
From an early age, Evan experienced persistent ADHD, chronic pain, and mental health challenges, including an eating disorder and severe depression, which have made it difficult for him to achieve academic and personal goals. During the past fall semester, Evan experienced a severe chronic pain flare-up that greatly impacted his school performance and mental health. Even after the pain subsided, his mental health did not improve. Eventually, Evan decided to reach out for help, which he credits with saving his life.
TMU’s campus support connected Evan with LOFT, where he received immediate support services to better navigate his mental health and academic performance. With LOFT’s assistance, Evan now feels more confident in his ability to achieve his educational goals, has improved his relationships with his family and friends, and is no longer at high risk of suicide.