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Who We Are

Since 1953, LOFT has offered dignity and hope to individuals with complex challenges.

We are one of the largest community service providers in Ontario, supporting people facing a combination of mental and physical health challenges, addiction issues, poverty, and/or homelessness. We build customized supports that specifically address a person’s needs and offer them for as long as they’re needed.

With our partners, we’re proactive in finding solutions to community challenges. By doing so, we’re able to better reach individuals who fall through the gaps of our social and healthcare systems.

LOFT gives people a chance to have a life when everyone else has given up on them.

Our Vision

Together, we can all live successfully in our community.

Our Mission

To help people achieve their optimal health and well-being in the community by offering unwavering support and hope.

Our Values

We value compassion, collaboration, and community delivered with dignity, innovation, and excellence.

Our Approach

LOFT is a values-driven organization with a deep belief that each person has the ability to grow and change. Most importantly, each person deserves the opportunity to do so. As a result, we embrace the individual needs and aspirations of each client and encourage mutual support within our programs to enable each client to attain their potential.

LOFT takes calculated risks to reach out to those most in need. In many cases, our healthcare and social systems are not equipped to support our clients’ needs and as a result, these individuals fall through the cracks. We make our best contribution to the community when we support those who have the most complex needs.

LOFT takes a Recovery-Based Approach, which means that each client can set their own goals and feel empowered to make their own choices to change the direction their lives have taken. Our programs create communities of mutual support that foster hope and independence where clients develop powerful relationships and build support networks.

LOFT clients become part of a community where they are accepted without judgment. In addition, our housing programs provide safety, security, and a sense of belonging. If someone has felt excluded or different, finding acceptance can be a powerful therapy. LOFT is a place for recovery and growth within a supportive community.


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This is not a start up we’re talking about, It’s a well established, large organization that helps thousands of people.