Who We Are

Since 1953, LOFT Community Services has offered dignity and hope to people facing mental and physical health challenges, addiction issues and homelessness. 

The LOFT name stands for Leap of Faith Together. We take a leap of faith every day. LOFT is a leader in holistic complex mental health care in response to unmet and emerging needs. Our name refers to the leap of faith people can take when they join our programs. Things can improve and recovery is possible.

We are one of the largest community service providers in Ontario, specializing in complex combinations of mental health and addiction, poverty and supportive housing. We work with people who have the most complex needs.

Working with partners, we’re proactive in addressing community challenges, reaching out to people who often fall through the cracks.

LOFT Community Services vision and mission. Learn about who we are.

Vision and Mission

We are passionate about our mission and the vision we hold for our community.

Leadership and Board

Meet LOFT’s leadership team and board members.

LOFT Community Services strategic plan. Learn about who we are.

Strategic Plan

We have big plans for the future. Together, we will lead the way, care passionately and be our best.

Fast Facts

Get to know who we are. The numbers might surprise you.

LOFT Community Services accountability. Learn about who we are.


When it comes to being accountable, we’re passionate about meeting and exceeding the highest standards.

LOFT Community Services' history. Learn about who we are.

Our History

Since 1953, we’ve been there to help some of our community’s most in need. Learn about who we are.