Joseph’s Journey: Three Decades of Resilience with LOFT

Joseph came to us in 1996, seeking support for substance use and mental health challenges. He knew a better reality was possible, but it would take comprehensive care and unwavering support.

Joseph’s journey with LOFT began at our McEwan Housing and Support Services, a safe space for HIV+ and/or transgender individuals navigating complex challenges. McEwan staff provided Joseph with daily support and resources to manage his substance use and improve his mental health.

Over time, as Joseph took control of his substance use, his needs changed, and he moved to LOFT’s St. Anne’s Place. St. Anne’s Place offers specialized living support to older adults with complex needs. Since Joseph’s arrival, our staff have helped him manage his medications and assisted him with cooking and cleaning. Joseph is especially grateful to his support worker, Emilio, for ensuring his needs are met daily.

“The services are fabulous, and Emilio is a great help to me.”
— Joseph, Resident at St. Anne’s Place

During his stay at LOFT, Joseph discovered more than just a place to live—he found a community. While living at McEwan, he met his partner, Nicolas, another LOFT resident, who became his pillar of support. Until his recent passing, Nicolas played a significant role in helping Joseph find the courage to overcome his substance use and prioritize his mental health.

With the support of LOFT’s staff and fellow residents, Joseph moves towards healing with renewed hope.

The LOFT Approach:

At LOFT, our mission goes beyond providing mental health services. We collaborate with community agencies, hospitals, and long-term care homes to address a spectrum of challenges, ranging from mental health, substance use, dementia, and homelessness. Through our personalized and holistic support, we strive to help individuals like Joseph achieve their optimal health and well-being while connecting them with a supportive community.