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Group Support

Creating communities of mutual support

Our group support programs foster hope and independence. Supports for youth include virtual or in person therapy, informal sharing, or social events. Group sessions for adults include holiday celebrations, arts & crafts, yoga, meal preparations, and outings. Sessions for seniors include holiday celebrations, activities that improve hand and eye coordination, and grocery shopping outings.

Access Our Services

Our services can be accessed through a referral system, based on location. If you are in Toronto or York Region, apply using the buttons below. The application form is available online or on paper. Our Simcoe/Muskoka Region services are available by referral only through our hospital and shelter partners.

For our Behavioural Support Services and Integrated Psychogeriatric Outreach (IPOP) programs, we invite you to contact our BSO Central Access at 1-844-798-6920 to learn more and begin the referral process.

Peer Support

Peer Support Workers are former LOFT clients, with lived experience of mental health, addictions, and recovery, who provide a unique type of support to our current clients. Peer Support Workers do a range of activities, including the facilitation of weekly group workshops, community support, and one-on-one support.



The Works

Our Railside Hub is a partner of “The Works” where anyone can drop in and manage their substance use in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We also provide sex kits to promote healthy habits.

“The Works” at Toronto Public Health supports over 60 agencies across Toronto to offer harm reduction supplies and services at over 100 locations and access points.


Seniors, Youth, Adults

Campus Support

Students have told us it can be easier to find drugs on campus than it can be to find help with addiction. That’s why we started mental health and addiction support groups at two schools: Toronto Metropolitan University and the University of Toronto. In a safe, third-party environment, students receive holistic support in order to stay in school or manage their recovery journey.



Other Support Services