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Plans, Policies & Reports

LOFT firmly believes in striving for excellence and quality. We follow the Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive, which outlines accountability standards for organizations receiving funding from the Province of Ontario. In transparency, we have posted our Policies and Procedures below.

Our Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our strategic plan for 2020-2025. Together, we will lead the way, care passionately and be our best. Our plan aims to deliver on 3 important goals:

We will boldly lead the way in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of system-wide solutions that deliver more integrated care and services to those with complex needs.

We will care passionately and meet the changing needs of people we serve while staying consistently focused on supporting them, amplifying their voices, and striving for equity.

We will be our best by focusing on continuous quality improvement and setting the highest standards that meet or exceed expectations.

Annual Reports

Audited Financial Statements


In addition to the Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive and the compensation reporting requirement by CRA (T3010 information return), we also follow Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreements, the Imagine Canada Standards, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Code of Ethical Principles. In short, these standards ensure that we’re meeting the highest standards for our clients.

We are also proud to have earned accreditation from CARF International and Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award in 2021.

Funding Agreements

As a health services provider, LOFT must follow an agreement with the government of Ontario. Moreover, this document outlines the quality of service expected and the services we must offer.