Celebrating World Bipolar Day

Every year, on March 30th, we celebrate World Bipolar Day – an opportunity to raise awareness about this illness and to help end the stigma. The date is also the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, an internationally recognized artist who

Embracing Change

GROWING TO FILL THE GAPS Since 2018, LOFT has grown 163%. By 2023, we will have doubled in size. This growth trajectory is necessary in order to meet the rapidly increasing needs of our community. In 2021, LOFT served 9,500

Showing Staff Appreciation

GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND The third week of February marked the first ever Non-profit Week of Appreciation. We are proud to extend our appreciation to our staff and community partners whose work is indispensable and transforms the lives of individuals

Spring update from Heather McDonald, CEO

BUILDING A BETTER WAY FORWARD TOGETHER Wave after wave of the COVID-19 pandemic have taken their toll on us all. According to a survey conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness

Aging with Support: Stella’s Story

Stella and her husband receive daily support from LOFT’s care team at Shoreham Hub Stella has been a client with LOFT for the past ten years. She is a 75-year-old who lives with her 84-year-old husband at LOFT’s Shoreham Hub,

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