Empowering youth through peer support

How the Thorncliffe Youth Wellness Hub is creating space for hope and connection

We’re thrilled to launch our partnership at the Thorncliffe Youth Wellness Hub, just in time for back-to-school. The Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub, a collaborative effort between Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO) and East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), provides an array of integrated services for young individuals in Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park.

LOFT has partnered with Michael Garron Hospital, The Neighbourhood Organization, SickKids, and other health organizations to offer comprehensive, barrier-free support services at the Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub. This innovative hub aims to create a welcoming environment where young individuals can access barrier-free specialized support services. From mental health assessments and addiction treatment to education, employment, and housing support, the hub offers an integrated approach to holistic well-being. Utilizing digital technology, it also serves as a virtual space for virtual care, workshops, education, and career learning, fostering connectivity and community among youth.

Meet Tori, former LOFT client turned Peer Support Worker at Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub.

Tori’s role at the Youth Wellness Hub is nothing short of inspiring. As she puts it, “I run the peer support groups! My goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for youth to process their feelings and share comfortably with their peers. As a Peer Support Worker, I feel honoured to be able to support youth and help them reach their mental wellness goals..”

Tori brings a unique perspective to the Hub, having experienced LOFT’s care as both a client and staff member. “To me, peer support is like being a ‘friend with boundaries.’ I want to create a safe space where I can offer confidential support to young people navigating their journeys. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to leverage the experiences through my own recovery to make a positive impact.”

Tori’s contributions as a Peer Support worker intertwine the essence of the Thorncliffe Youth Wellness Hub with LOFT’s belief in holistic care. To Tori, being mentally healthy means embracing self-care as a daily practice. Tori works closely with youth to establish healthy habits, live in their best physical health, and experience increased self-esteem.

“One piece of advice that’s helped me in my role is staying curious. Being in social work requires you to be social and in a constant state of learning. Connecting with other staff members is valuable to understand their experience better and share feedback and strategies to best meet the needs of each client.”

Tori’s dedication to the well-being of youth and her commitment to personal wellness make her a cherished member of our team. We are immensely grateful for Tori’s contributions and her positive impact on the Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub.

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