On the road to achieving dreams of a job and housing

How LOFT’s M-DOT Program is Restoring Hope for People Sheltering in Toronto’s Transit System

Earlier this year, LOFT joined the city of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to expand our Multi-Disciplinary Outreach (M-DOT) Program supporting people sheltered within Toronto’s transit system. Thanks to this program, Dinesh has found renewed hope of turning his circumstances around.

Bags of belongings in hand, Dinesh first met LOFT case manager Laura and her team while they were doing their rounds at the Scarborough Centre station. Dinesh had been homeless for a little over a year and was struggling with the hardships of living on the streets.

Laura approached Dinesh with a helping hand, offering TTC tokens, coffee cards, and LOFT’s unwavering support. Taking her up on the offer, Dinesh finally found the assistance he needed to secure shelter, access vital mental health care services, and pursue his aspiration of finding employment. After some temporary work with Elections Canada, Dinesh feels re-energized in his job search, and confident that he’ll be able to return to an office position in the city.

LOFT continues to support Dinesh in his pursuit of a long-term housing solution through Toronto Community Housing. With a laugh and a new gleam in his eyes, Dinesh tells us that Laura’s positivity and approachability make her a great case manager.

LOFT’s M-DOT Program supports those living with complex mental health and addiction challenges while simultaneously experiencing chronic homelessness. Our dedicated staff have direct access to embedded nursing and psychiatry services through our partners at Inner City Health Associates (ICHA). We do our best to ensure that each client receives the necessary long-term supports to improve their health, well-being, and independence.

This program expansion with the TTC and City of Toronto has allowed us to provide our community’s most vulnerable with access to medical attention and other critical health services where and when they’re needed most. Under the guidance of LOFT case managers like Laura, we’re on track to connect 80 to 100 people sheltering in the TTC with health support and community services by the end of the year.

For Dinesh, the help couldn’t have come at a better time.


The LOFT Approach:

LOFT takes a holistic approach to address mental health and mental illness comprehensively.

As a dedicated mental health service provider, we work alongside community agencies, hospitals, and long-term care homes to offer expertise and support in addressing mental health, dementia, addictions, and other cognitive and behavioural challenges. Our mission is to ensure that individuals have access to the care they need, when and where they need it most. We work closely with each client to develop a treatment plan that aligns with their unique needs, meeting them where they are at.

Our unique care model targets each person’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs. We aim to help our clients achieve optimal health and well-being while connecting them with a supportive community.

By understanding the distinction between mental health and mental illness and employing these strategies, you can take significant steps toward a healthier, happier life. Prioritizing your well-being is a life-long journey, and there is always time to start.