February 23, 2023
Over a Decade of Support: Andre’s Story

Numerous challenges led Andre to LOFT, where he found hope and unwavering support.

Andre has been a LOFT client for more than 10 years. Living with a developmental delay, HIV, bipolar disorder and a history of homelessness and addiction, he was referred to LOFT’s McEwan Housing and Support Services for help with his healthcare needs.

Through LOFT’s partnership with Fife House (a provider of supportive affordable housing and services to people living with HIV/AIDS), Andre now receives housing, medical care and daily living support. McEwan’s Community Support Workers help him to access health services in the community, and assist him as he acquires the skills he needs to live independently.

“Having someone to talk to really helps with my mental health,” says Andre. “Just knowing you can contact them whenever you need them means a lot.”

Recovering from addiction was his biggest goal, and he worked hard to achieve it. Thanks to his perseverance, Andre is now sober. Once struggling to stay connected to his family, Andre has successfully established a new relationship with them. He enjoys regular phone calls with his mother, and receives visits from his brother.

Ongoing support from McEwan’s staff ensures that Andre stays on top of his mental health. He is now able to manage his own medication, and is in constant contact with his psychiatrist and other healthcare providers.

“LOFT’s team helped me when I felt depressed,” Andre remembers. “Whenever I was having a hard time, someone from McEwan was always there by my side. Even if I phoned late at night, there would always be someone to listen. They offered me good company.”

Although the pandemic was challenging, access to housing and a positive environment have allowed Andre to re-discover his passion for art. He can often be found drawing people, animals, and nature.  Additionally, he has had the opportunity to develop his reading and writing skills through an online literacy club.

A member of McEwan’s community, Andre is thankful for the activities he finds there, as well as the support he receives. “I really enjoy the connection, the people,” Andre says. “We recently had a Thanksgiving dinner and I was so happy to attend.”