February 22, 2023
St. Anne’s Place provides the active social life Connie needs

Living with arthritis and memory loss are two significant challenges for Connie, an 80-year-old resident at LOFT’s St. Anne’s Place.

Connie’s memory loss began after a medical procedure, and the impact has been severe. She can’t remember much of her earlier life, and her children say that it has also changed her personality. With limited mobility, Connie uses an automatic wheelchair and relies on the support she receives from LOFT. St. Anne’s Place provides specialized assisted living support to vulnerable older adults with complex needs, and staff assist Connie by making her bed, doing her laundry, and helping with her personal care.

Connie doesn’t let her disabilities stop her. Instead, she focuses on everything she can do. Living at St. Anne’s Place gives her the perfect opportunity to socialize and participate in her favourite activities. “Living at LOFT is wonderful. The staff here do anything for me. They have activities. They help with laundry and daily chores. There’s not a better place to live. I’m glad to have found LOFT.”

When she’s on her own, Connie loves to read history and current events or play word games. She’s been able to come out of her shell since living at St. Anne’s, chatting with residents and participating in community activities like exercise programs, concerts, and more. In addition to giving her the chance to engage with others, these activities enhance her muscle movement and improve her brain health as she works to recall forgotten memories.

Above all, Connie loves living at LOFT, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere. She says that the staff always work with smiles on their faces.