Sentinel Event Follow up

Revised January 2018


To ensure quality of service for our clients and staff, LOFT Community Services ensures that sentinel events involving clients and staff are addressed quickly, consistently and comprehensively.


Sentinel events are any unanticipated event in a care setting resulting in death or serious physical or psychological injury to a client or staff.


All incidents are reported as per LOFT’s critical incident reporting policy.

In the case that an incident is of a very serious, or sentinel nature, additional procedures apply.

Short term procedures

  • Senior staff are notified immediately by email and phone
  • Staff and clients are offered critical incident debriefing resources as required
  • All notes pertaining to the situation are reviewed and investigated by the program director and reviewed with the senior manager (within 2 days)
  • Any recommendations that come from that investigation are reviewed and implemented  (within 5 days)

Longer term

  • Senior management team presents any sentinel events monthly including the investigation findings and recommendations
  • All incidents, including sentinel events are addressed as part of an annual accreditation review.  Recommendations are reviewed and implemented as appropriate.


please see program manual