Building A Brighter Future: Services for Youth

When young people are given trust and responsibility, they can transform their lives – and each other. Our goal is to develop an empathetic and hopeful relationship with each client. We seek to engage and support our youth, build upon each young person’s strengths and encourage independence. We take a holistic approach, embracing mind, body and soul to ensure each client receives services in response to their unique needs. 

We provide individual and group counselling, social drop-ins, one-on-one and peer support, supportive housing models and 24-hour phone and text support.

LOFT Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Programs offer services to youth up to the age of 26 who face challenges with mental health, physical health and/or substance use. We serve young people from a wide range of gender, racial and cultural communities. We strive to provide an equitable, non-judgmental environment in which youth can receive the support they need.

Coordinated care is the central pillar of the TAY programs. We meet with youth wherever they are most comfortable. We offer community-based support to help youth access the resources they need to become healthier, happier and more independent. 

Youth Wellness Hubs provide mental health assessment, treatment for addiction and substance use, referrals to psychiatrists, therapy and counselling, as well as education, employment and housing services.

The hubs are safe places for youth ages 12 to 25 to work with case managers dedicated to helping them overcome their challenges.

There are three hubs in Toronto, located at Yonge and Eglinton, Danforth Avenue and Markham Road.

Our TAY programs are guided by psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery model principles. We emphasize our clients’ strengths and resiliency, and we include them at every service level. We employ previous TAY clients as peer support workers to share their experiences, wisdom and resources with current clients.

This service is available in Toronto through our Youth Wellness Hub partnerships.

Our TAY program offers dialectical behaviour therapy such as Skills Groups, ACT Informed Recovery Groups, Life Skills Groups and Saturday Social Groups.

This service is available in Toronto.

Young people with mental health and addiction issues are most vulnerable during early evening and weekend hours. Until our Community Evening and Weekend Treatment Program was launched in 2014, there were no youth-oriented support groups available during those times.

The program, which currently supports more than 130 youth every year, is a partnership between LOFT, SickKids and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

This service is available in Toronto.

Our staff are dedicated to helping youth overcome the barriers and stigma they often face. Our employment support focuses on helping youth achieve their educational or career goals.

We offer support in many ways, including helping them apply for programs and jobs, identifying and accessing financial aid and connecting with student support services.

This service is available in Toronto.

Students have told us it can be easier to find drugs on campus than it can be to find help with addiction. That’s why we started addiction support groups at three schools: Toronto Metropolitan University, George Brown and the Ontario College of Art and Design. In a safe, third-party environment, students receive addiction services from LOFT case managers, who are also available for counselling and support between group sessions. 

LOFT’s supportive housing programs provide a safe, welcoming and structured environment for youth struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.

Our programs offer one-on-one support to residents and are staffed 24/7. Clients learn the life skills necessary to recover and live independently.