Hope and support though homelessness: Michael’s Story

Living at LOFT’s Bradford House, a supportive care home for older adults and seniors with complex health challenges, is a dream come true for Michael. He is one of our many clients who is now living a dignified life.

Before Michael arrived at Bradford House, he’d been homeless for more than 10 years. When his marriage collapsed, he lost hope and started down a path of mental illness and addiction struggles. With nowhere to go, he found himself living in a number of different places. Prior to his hospitalization, he was living in a motel.

In 2018, Michael developed a serious infection and was taken to the hospital. Because of complications from diabetes, he had to have a leg amputated. For months, he learned to live in a wheelchair and struggled through the snow and slush to get to the grocery store.

Michael is now thrilled to call Bradford House home, and to continue his recovery. Instead of being homeless, he feels safe and protected, eats nutritious meals tailored to his needs, receives help to stay on his medications, and enjoys a sense of belonging.

Immediately after Michael’s arrival, our staff connected him with a family doctor and psychiatrist.

Michael says, “It has been an absolute God-send that I was brought here. I get three square meals, and the staff is so caring and encouraging. This is my home and I feel loved here. I really do.”

Michael reconnected with one of his brothers and met his niece and nephew for the first time. We are privileged to help him along on his journey to a brighter future.

LOFT’s Bradford House provides supportive housing/assisted living and seniors mental health one-on=one support services to vulnerable and at-risk older adults. Bradford House responds to the needs of its residents, providing the support that helps them live safely and in good health in the community. As they age, our goal is to postpone or eliminate any need for institutional care.