Living with Dignity: Services for Seniors

Since 1999, we’ve provided specialized, community-based support services for vulnerable and at-risk seniors.

The seniors we help face complex challenges, which include a combination of absence of family support, social isolation, cultural dislocation, poverty, mental and physical health issues, dementia, addictions and/or behavioural changes.

Without homes to call their own, many of our clients have not been able to live with dignity or independence.

We help our clients gain housing and remain independent in homes of their own for as long as possible, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and premature moves into long-term care homes.

Our seniors’ programs encourage community involvement and mutual support. Everyone is welcome and no one is judged. Our programs provide activities and social interactions that have, in many cases, been missing from our clients’ lives. As our seniors get to know their neighbours and look out for each other, they begin to feel more stable and secure.

We’re pioneers in providing community-based supportive housing services for seniors with mental health and addiction challenges. Our experience is broad, deep and invaluable as we pursue our goal to support more at-risk seniors in more ways.

We currently offer six core services to seniors.

Our assisted living services for high-risk seniors enable clients to enjoy their own space in an apartment or boarding home environment. We help seniors navigate the social service and health care systems, connect with professional health care providers, coordinate needed services and organize escorts to appointments, among other daily living activities.

Assisted living services are available in Toronto and in the Simcoe Area.

When seniors need specialized one-on-one support, we’re right there beside them. We advocate for our clients, help them navigate the social service system and are there in times of crisis. Our case managers connect clients with the services they need to become healthier, happier and as independent as possible. Our team calls upon a variety of resources, including medical, financial, emotional and recreational supports. Seniors mental health one-on-one support is available in Toronto, York Region and South Simcoe.

Through our Integrated Psychogeriatric Outreach Program (IPOP) in York Region and South Simcoe, our mobile team of health care practitioners provides psychogeriatric assessments, treatment planning and education support to help seniors with mental health and/or dementia-related challenges continue living independently in the community. In cases where our clients are home-bound, we use technology so they can receive treatment and health care visits from home.

When older adults experience behaviour changes due to dementia, mental illness, substance use or other factors, it can be challenging for senior and caregiver alike. We help families and caregivers learn strategies for dealing with behavioural challenges and provide referrals to services. Our Behaviour Support Transition Resource (BSTR) Team helps at-risk seniors transition from hospital to their next care destination. These services are available in Toronto, York Region, and South Simcoe.

We offer specialized transitional housing and supports to help seniors safely and successfully return to living in the community after they’ve been hospitalized. Seniors who have been hospitalized are often unable to be discharged, especially when they have no family support or appropriate housing options.

If they were homeless prior to entering hospital or lost their housing while hospitalized, the challenge becomes even greater. Our intensive, individualized support services enable seniors to thrive as they re-enter the community.

Housing and support for community reintegration are available in Toronto and South Simcoe.

We offer support services for seniors experiencing mental health or addictions crises in Toronto. Together with our partners, Woodgreen Community Services and Reconnect Community Health Services, we aim to provide seamless client- and caregiver-focused services every day of the year, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Anyone can access the service by calling the Toronto Seniors Helpline at 416-217-2077.

Our personal support workers are available to help seniors living in our specialized housing units with day-to-day living activities, including meal preparation, cleaning, hygiene, shopping, recreation, and other activities to support their dignity and encourage personal empowerment.

We offer virtual and drop-in community support programs for seniors experiencing age-related difficulties or mental illness. This includes health and wellness promotion groups, social activities as well individual support.

Drop-in programs are available in North York. Support is available in Tamil for Tamil-speaking seniors within the North York region.