Comprehensive Health Care Support: Salomi’s Story

Salomi requires support to manage her health. She gets the help she needs at LOFT’s Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services.

Salomi was born and raised in Guiana, South America. Her husband was a tax consultant, and she would help him with his business while their children were at school. After losing him to lung cancer, one of her sons sponsored her as she immigrated to Canada.

Salomi initially stayed with family members, later contacting Toronto Community Housing (TCH) in order to find an apartment. For the past nine years, Salomi has been living independently in a building with other seniors.

At first, Salomi was aware of the services offered by LOFT in her building, but didn’t yet need the support. As her health needs changed, LOFT staff stepped to assist.

She now receives assistance from LOFT’s Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services, a program for senior residents with health and social isolation challenges. They help her to navigate the health care system by providing crisis intervention, service coordination and psychosocial support. “I’m a diabetic. One night I fell and hit my head on the bed,” Salomi remembers. “I asked for help from a LOFT employee and they’ve been checking in on me ever since.”

Salomi also has arthritis, high blood pressure and depression. “The pain is too much sometimes,” she says. LOFT’s team helps her with daily tasks that are too painful for her to perform on her own. She has developed a strong relationship with her Psychogeriatric Case Manager, and is very grateful for the support she receives. “My kind caregiver, Parvaneh, even helped me fill out my taxes,” she says.

With so many health challenges, Salomi has been fearful for her safety during the pandemic. “I used to go to my specialist, but we now talk on the phone,” she explains. “I get my medication brought to my door, and my shopping is done by LOFT staff or one of my sons.”

Salomi misses connecting with her church community and Bible group. She also misses her great-grandchildren and family in Guiana and the United States, and is looking forward to being able to visit them again. “I really want my vaccine so I can be free to go out and feel safe,” she says.

As scary as the current reality can be, Salomi remains hopeful. “I try to stay active, keeping my mind occupied,” she tells us. “I listen to a lot of music, do my readings, and cook for myself. I try to be independent. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself.”

LOFT’s Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services partners with Toronto Community Housing to offer assisted living services to seniors 24 hours per day, seven days per week. These services ensure that seniors have access to the support they need to manage their health and address social isolation, while living independently and with dignity.