Unwavering Support: Artnell’s Story

LOFT’s John Gibson House is a supportive housing program for some of the most vulnerable adults in our community. Clients receive assistance for health and medical concerns, mental illness, substance abuse problems and other related issues.

Artnell was referred to LOFT by the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH). Diagnosed with schizophrenia and precariously housed, a safe place to call home and ongoing support with medication are crucial to his well-being. Artnell has been a LOFT client since 2014, and the team at John Gibson House ensures that he receives the proper personal assistance and health care.

Arnell suffers from mobility challenges, but doesn’t let that stop him from staying active within his community. With the help of LOFT’s Personal Support Workers, he is able to participate in life enrichment programs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that Artnell must stay isolated, separated from many of the activities that used to bring him joy. Unable to go to church or to see his girlfriend, he still manages to play BINGO and purchase the occasional lottery ticket. “Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t,” he says. 

LOFT’s John Gibson House provides high-support housing for some of the most vulnerable, at-risk and frail older adults and seniors in the community. The program offers 24-hour on-site staffing and access to services for seniors with serious mental illness.