July 12, 2021
Thriving with Community Support: David’s Story

David struggled with school due to his mental health but found support at LOFT.

“I had a difficult time in school,” remembers David. “My post-secondary education didn’t go quite as planned. I managed to finish it, but I was clearly struggling.”

David lives with anxiety and developmental disabilities. When he lost his job and the owner of his rental unit asked him to leave to proceed with renovations, David had no place to go. In 2019, after living in a city shelter for eight months, Access Point referred David to LOFT.

At LOFT’s Wilkinson Housing and Support Services, a program that provides recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation assistance, David met his Community Support Worker. “A new life began when I met Hasan.”

Coordinating with other agencies in the community, Hasan was able to help him secure a place to live and then assisted David with his mental health needs.

With Hasan’s support, David started to see a psychiatrist who helped him get back on track with his medication. “It makes living with my mental health condition more manageable. I can continue to face my challenges and move forward with my life.”

Hasan also helped David secure benefits through the Ontario Disability Support Program, by providing advice on how to navigate the application process, and connected him with a community employment agency. With their guidance, David was able to find a job and regain his financial independence. “I thought the COVID-19 pandemic would affect my search,” David says, “but I managed to find a job eight months after the pandemic started.”

“I had to make sure I took all public health precautions, following social distancing protocols and wearing a mask at all times. I now get to work from home, and don’t have to commute.”

While he can’t be with his family, David still gets to connect with them on a regular basis. “I speak with my family frequently on the phone,” he says. “We have maintained a good relationship through these difficult times.”

After achieving so many goals, David is excited to continue to focus on his work and live an independent and dignified life.