The Power of Green Energy: A Spotlight on Modern Niagara

Modern Niagara’s Energy Solutions team helped LOFT reduce its carbon emission and utility costs.

Modern Niagara has been a key partner in helping us renovate the mechanical infrastructure of our John Gibson House and Simon & J.W. Green Apartments affordable housing programs in Toronto.

To support the business case for the projects, Modern Niagara’s Energy Solutions team leveraged incentive programs through Enbridge Gas. As a result of the projects, there will be significant improvements to space heating and the provision of fresh air to the building’s residents and staff. Operational savings include annual utility savings of over $16,000.00 and reduction of carbon emissions by over 92 metric tons per year.

Despite COVID-19 challenges, Modern Niagara and LOFT’s facility management team successfully collaborated to evaluate, design, and construct four projects delivering improvements to resident comfort and significant energy savings. These projects included many central boiler plant re-designs and make-up air unit replacements.

Motivated by our partnership, Modern Niagara made a transformative 10-year commitment of $250,000 towards our programming. Their generosity and long-term investment in our work will help LOFT continue to be there for those in our community who are socially and economically at-risk.

Modern Niagara’s support comes at a critical time. Extraordinary philanthropic partnerships like this play an indispensable role in helping us continue to be there for as long as our clients need us.