August 23, 2021
Respectful and Dignified Mental Health Care: Dave’s Story

With LOFT for over 20 years, Dave had some bad experiences with the mental health care system before finding a home with us.

Dave has been a LOFT client since 1998. He lives independently in one of our properties, J.W. Green Apartments, and receives support from a Community Support Worker who visits him weekly.

Dave first heard about LOFT through a friend. “I never really had to wait a long time for housing,” he remembers. Dave simply called LOFT and was able to secure the unit he’s been living in for the past 20 years.

As easy as it sounds, finding a safe place to live and receive support for his mental health wasn’t always that simple. Before moving to Toronto, Dave had some unpleasant experiences with the mental health care system. These experiences led him to distrust the sector and to be nervous about contacting LOFT.

However, with time, dedication, and the support of our Community Support Workers, Dave found a community that treats him with respect and dignity. He is also employed with us as a security tenant for his building and as a painter.

With LOFT’s support, Dave manages his schizophrenia and social anxiety. For him, staying well means staying on top of his medication. “I mostly manage my medication on my own,” he says. “I like it here. It’s a quiet neighbourhood.”

When Dave experiences anxiety attacks, it can be hard for him to attend appointments in the community. It takes encouragement from his care team to help him overcome these obstacles.

In the face of a pandemic, Dave needed more support. For a long time, Dave was constantly afraid of getting sick. Given his anxiety, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic were overwhelming at times. To help, our team kept Dave connected through technology. His one-on-one meetings with his Community Support Worker also helped him feel like someone was looking out for him.

Today, Dave is grateful for all the support he receives at LOFT. “LOFT has taught me a lot,” he says. With us, Dave has a home for as long as he needs.