August 24, 2021
Raising the Roof: A Spotlight on the Harold E. Ballard Foundation

Helping ensure that at-risk youth, adults and seniors have a safe roof over their heads.

For over 68 years, LOFT has been a leader in providing safe, supportive and comfortable housing to vulnerable and marginalized people.

Many of our clients have experienced long-term poverty and housing instability due to mental health and addiction challenges and chronic physical health conditions. We are proud to say that they have been able to find a home with LOFT. 

Although we performed annual roof maintenance, our roofs were nearing the end of their recommended life cycle. Thanks to the Harold E. Ballard Foundation’s gift of $109,000, we are now able to replace the roofs at nine of our properties.

LOFT is extremely thankful to the Harold E. Ballard Foundation for their generous gift. This donation is, quite literally, putting roofs over our clients’ heads – an investment that will have an impact for years to come.