April 23, 2021
Bringing support to those in need: LOFT’s work with #TeamVaccine

High-risk clients living in Toronto Community Housing and other hot spot areas are getting access to the COVID-19 vaccine through LOFT’s co-led clinics

As an Ontario Health Teams partner, LOFT has taken a leadership role with the province’s #TeamVaccine to roll out vaccination clinics in some of Toronto’s hardest-hit communities.  These efforts expand on LOFT’s long-term support of areas that have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic, including Toronto’s North West region. 

Through our ongoing work with Toronto Community Housing, LOFT provides support to older adults and seniors in the area.  We offer service coordination, assistance with meals and housekeeping, and social programs.  Health challenges are addressed through crisis intervention, medication and appointment assistance, and addiction support.  We strive to help our clients live well, and are proud to play a significant role in advocating for, and facilitating, the province’s vaccination efforts.

LOFT has recently worked with its #TeamVaccine partners to bring mobile clinics to residents of Toronto Community Housing.  Many of these low-income, high-risk residents are unable to leave their homes in order to seek the vaccine, so we worked to bring it to them. Watch CityNews Toronto’s and CBC News Toronto’s coverage of the clinics.

As the third wave of the pandemic escalates, LOFT is taking a proactive role in supporting people outside of our regular programming. We have joined #TeamVaccine and our Ontario Health Teams partners in hosting mobile vaccination clinics at various hot spot areas throughout the province.

Hundreds of people are lining up in hopes of receiving the vaccine, highlighting the importance of our work. Since April 19th, LOFT has helped #TeamVaccine administer more than 7,200 doses at the Driftwood Community Centre’s pop-up clinic for residents living in the M3N, M3J, M3L, M3N, M9M, and M9L postal code areas. LOFT staff offers multi-lingual support, drawing on the amazing spirit of the community and working tirelessly to get doses in arms.

Our efforts were featured on CBC News Toronto and CTV News Toronto.

These are challenging times, and we can all use some good news right now. LOFT is grateful to our Ontario Health Team partners for their hard work in protecting our communities!

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