November 08, 2021
Home for the Holidays Virtual Concert is Back

Excitement is building for another stellar virtual broadcast. Tune in on your choice of three dates to see esteemed Canadian jazz singer and host Heather Bambrick, and a glittering array of other exceptional artists as we celebrate the year that was and look forward to better days ahead.

Meet Award-Winning Actress and Home for the Holidays Featured Artist Louise Pitre

What does the theme Home for the Holidays mean to you?

This year, Home for the Holidays doesn’t mean being at home with your loved ones. It means actually having a home to go to.

Can you share why LOFT is an important cause for you to support?

LOFT is known for offering unconditional support to anyone in need, regardless of their challenges or identity. In these
difficult times, this is the kind of humanity the world needs most. So many people are facing insurmountable odds, and this organization touches my heart.

What is a moment from your career that you will always remember?

When I was doing Mamma Mia! on Broadway, I received a letter from a mother who was bringing her terminally ill teenaged daughter to the show. Her daughter loved musical theatre, and dreamed of being on a Broadway stage. I
organized a surprise for them. On the day of the show, we brought the young girl backstage to a dressing room with her name on it. We quickly rehearsed her into the finale and, at the end of the show, we brought her on stage to join the cast for the last number. I will never forget that day or the look on her face. What did it cost? Nothing. Just a thought and some time. It gave someone something so precious. We gave her a dream.

Has the pandemic changed how you think about performing and connecting to audiences?

I admit that after such a long break I wonder if I ever want to work that hard again. I cannot imagine doing a show to a
small audience wearing masks. I would rather wait even longer until we can actually be close to one another and I can see facial expressions and hear unmasked laughter. I imagine audiences will be so appreciative after this long drought and that does make the thought of performing live again pretty inviting. That said, I have had a really good practice run at retirement this last couple of years. And, you know? I don’t mind it.


Home for the Holidays is a beloved musical tradition that provides audiences with meaningful opportunity to take a “Leap of Faith Together”, and raise funds to help provide the most vulnerable people in our communities with this year’s most urgent needs: food, housing and mental health supports.

Tickets start at just $40 per household (with a tax receipt for $15).