August 10, 2021
Get to Know Us: Nadia Cruceru

Part of LOFT’s Property Services department, Nadia provides clients with a safe and comfortable place to live.

LOFT’s Property Coordinator for the past 18 years, Nadia Cruceru enjoys getting to know our clients. In 2004, Nadia was looking for a new opportunity in property management when she first learned about LOFT. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really love working with seniors now,” she says.

Nadia and her team ensure LOFT’s housing units are well maintained, safe, and provide a comfortable atmosphere to our clients. “The environment our clients live in plays an important role in their recovery and health,” she explains. “It keeps them motivated and gives them a sense of home.”

Working with her director, property coordinators, maintenance staff, superintendents, and cleaners, Nadia is always aiming to offer an enjoyable experience to LOFT clients.

Every single small repair can make a big difference in how a client feels. “Our clients are already navigating the challenges of their mental illness,” Nadia explains. “The last thing we want is for them to feel uncomfortable. We work with program staff to communicate what we’re doing and the impact it will have in their quality of life.”

During the pandemic, Nadia and her team went above and beyond to make clients feel safe. “We asked clients for their consent before proceeding with any renovation project in their units,” she says. “We also made sure everybody was wearing proper protective gear and showing no symptoms.”

While continuing to do her job from home wasn’t difficult, assisting her children with school work became a challenge. “I had to support my children, who are under 12, and do my work at the same time,” Nadia remembers. “I had to be creative and learn to multitask.”

Nadia also looked after their mental health. “We spent many weekends with close friends outdoors so the kids could socialize,” she says. “All my family is back home in Romania. We haven’t seen them for 4 years. I remain positive and look forward to the day we will see them again.”

When she is not working or taking care of her family, Nadia likes to do interior design and renovation projects in her own home. She is also generous enough to share her skills with friends.