January 12, 2021
Get to Know Us: Lucy Caceres

In a workshop early in her career, Lucy Caceres was asked to put herself in her clients’ shoes. The exercise resonated deeply and has guided the kind, caring and patient approach she takes with her clients.

Lucy came to Canada in 1987, working as nanny and housekeeper while studying to be a homecare aid and personal support worker. She joined LOFT as a part-time PSW in 1998, advancing to full-time two years later. Then in 2008, with encouragement from Debra Walko, Senior Director of Complex Care and Seniors Services, Lucy became a Psychogeriatric Case Manager at Shoreham. “I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for Deb’s encouragement,” Lucy says.

But it’s clear that Lucy excels in caring for seniors with mental health challenges. She’s big on fostering relationships, helping clients build friendships, and encouraging clients’ families to be more involved in their seniors’ lives. “After all, family is what so many of my clients find joy in.”

She also builds connections with the residents at Shoreham. Gardening is one of Lucy’s passions, and it’s a love that residents often relate to. Getting to know residents’ interests is key—it helps her create new programs for them.

While Lucy is well-known for always thinking of clients, she’s also very involved in her church and loves to travel. Her favourite trip has to be her 2017 U.K. adventure—she spent three weeks in Scotland, England and Ireland, and came home rejuvenated and eager to get back to helping people.