March 04, 2019
Get to Know Us: Dorota

Everyone is at ease when Dorota is around. Her infectious laugh precedes her like a beam of sunshine and when you hear it, it’s impossible not to smile along with her.

Dorota left her home in Poland years ago to come to Canada, and, upon her arrival, had to re-qualify as a social worker. She took the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree at Toronto Metropolitan University, and then a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Toronto. After graduating, she joined LOFT.

Now a Health Information Specialist, Dorota gets to put into practice both her love of data and research, as well as her passion for helping others. She trains new staff members to adhere to LOFT standards, and oversees client assessments. Her work is important because it ensures that clients’ needs are being met and that they are happy, healthy, and on track to achieve their goals.

Dorota describes her job as a perfect fit. “It must be perfect, after ten years I’m still here!” she said, a warm smile breaking across her face. Seeing the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff members she trains is one of her biggest motivations. Her favourite part of the job is visiting with clients and front line staff because she loves seeing the positive impact of their work on the faces of our clients. “Particularly when they’re older, they show a comfort in knowing they have a place to call home. They are content and happy. This makes me proud of the staff.”

In her spare time, Dorota spends her weekends hiking and cycling in Algonquin Park or along the Bruce Trail, getting out into nature to rejuvenate the bright and bubbly energy that she’s known for.