April 05, 2021
Get to Know Us: Diane Tsai

Diane goes above and beyond to ensure that every employee is paid on time.

Diane Tsai, LOFT’s Payroll and Benefits Administrator, is passionate about both her job and the nonprofit sector. “I enjoy the environment at LOFT,” she says. “My team members are great to work with.”

At LOFT for 3 years, Diane’s job is all about timelines and accuracy. She takes pride in making sure that all employees are paid on time, and is also in charge of enrolling personnel for benefits and pensions to ensure all payroll deductions are correct. Diane also works with accounting, validating correct cost center charges, reconciling payroll, and year-end accruals.

Constantly adapting to the changes in legislation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Diane has been the one ensuring that tax deductions, T4s, EHTs and WSIB reports comply with these new standards. “These are uncertain times,” Diane explains. “It is important that all employees get their pay accurately and timely.”

Diane has been kept especially busy this year. Redeployed staff, brought in to ensure a constant level of care when colleagues fell ill, received additional payment for their Pandemic Premiums and Travelling Allowance. Government guidelines were followed directing enhanced pay to Personal Support Workers. And Diane was happy to process one more type of payment for staff: gratitude pay. This extra payment for LOFT employees was a well-deserved sign of gratitude from LOFT’s senior management team and board of directors. “It was great to see everyone’s hard work being acknowledged.”

Extra work can lead to stress, and Diane has seen what long work hours can do to her body. “I’ve had to work from home, sitting all day long at a desk. It’s easy to forget about time. My legs were going numb, and I realized that my body was not in its normal state,” she explains.

Diane has started to be more intentional about her well-being, going for walks in the sunshine and doing yoga.  She also enjoys cooking. “I watch videos on YouTube and cook all the things I haven’t tried before.” In her free time, Diane likes to disconnect, listening to music and exploring nature. She enjoys hiking, playing badminton, and taking pictures.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, Diane remains focused on fulfilling her deadlines and making time for herself.  She is also looking forward to an eventual return to the workplace. “I’m able to do everything from home, but it is easier to communicate in the office,” Diane explains. “It is easier to speak to someone face-to-face, and we’ve all been missing that connection.”