March 01, 2022
Embracing Change


Since 2018, LOFT has grown 163%. By 2023, we will have doubled in size. This growth trajectory is necessary in order to meet the rapidly increasing needs of our community. In 2021, LOFT served 9,500 clients. To serve even more people in 2022 and beyond, plans are underway to add more housing units and expand support services.

For example, LOFT is partnering with Humber River Hospital to create transitional housing for people with complex mental health and addiction needs. The community reintegration program provides safe housing for people who no longer need to be in hospital, but have nowhere else to go. Clients who have recently moved in will receive 24/7 on-site support that is tailored to their unique needs. The program will free up much needed hospital beds and reduce individual healthcare costs by more than 80% per person.

Members of LOFT’s senior team, Karen O’Connor and Heather McDonald visit one of the Humber River Houses that will provide much needed transitional housing