November 18, 2021
Community investing in Community: Spreading Warmth

Partnering with LOFT’s Mental Health and Justice Initiative (MHJI) for the past three years, New Circles is invested in empowering the community while preserving the dignity of their clients.

New Circles is a grass-roots agency offering clothes and basic personal care items to low-income people. New clients are able to visit their clothing bank every three months, with the organization also providing volunteer opportunities, life skills training and workshops.

“New Circles is a rare gem that some clients and I discovered by chance when exploring our East York neighborhood back in 2018. We noticed a small building with a distinctly inviting presence.  The Pride flag hung high, and people with smiles on their faces were leaving with bags of clothing. We decided to check it out, and that is where our incredible relationship began.” – Paul Orzech, MHJI Peer Support Worker

LOFT clients look forward to visiting New Circles.  They leave with clothing that they can be proud of and are excited to wear.  New Circles even welcomes LOFT clients who reside outside of their catchment area.

“I was very impressed at the clothing that I got. It was a nice place. I look forward to going back again. […] I hope they continue to do their work. It’s great. I love their service. And I recommend more people to use their service.” – Jo, LOFT MHJI client

One of the best things about the partnership is that it was able to continue during the pandemic, supporting clients even if they could not attend in person.

The New Circles staff was amazing, finding requested items and allowing for curbside pickup. If there is one persistent question I get from clients with regards to outings, it is: Are my three months up?  Can I book an appointment at New Circles?!” – Paul Orzech

LOFT’s Mental Health and Justice Initiative provides safe and dignified supportive housing and one-on-one support services to men, aged 16 to 64, living with serious mental health challenges.  They are homeless, or at risk of becoming so, and are involved in the criminal justice system.

Our partnership with New Circles creates a supportive and safe environment, reminding our clients that there are caring people in the community who are helping them move forward in their recovery journey. Like LOFT, New Circles works to provide basic needs and life-changing care to the people and communities they serve. We are grateful to have New Circles join us in our efforts to build strong and resilient communities. 

Clothing, household items, and personal hygiene items are our most needed essentials. In-kind donations help LOFT provide for our clients’ basic needs. Visit to learn more.