February 17, 2021
Coming Up for Air: Wura Aromolaran

Human resources specialist Wura Aromolaran has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to support LOFT’s front-line teams. Here, she explains how she is learning to manage her own mental health in the face of COVID.

“Working at LOFT has changed how I provide HR services, especially during the pandemic. Like many of us, our staff members have faced challenges. They deserve the same kind of sensitive, nuanced support that they provide to our clients. We approach things from a human perspective, going the extra mile to understand people’s stories and behaviour. The better our team members feel, the better they’re able to do their jobs.

“When COVID hit, there was suddenly so much to do. We had to stay on top of things in order to act quickly as the pandemic evolved. It affected our staff, and it affected our clients. It was definitely challenging.


“At one point, my body told me that I had to slow down. I wasn’t managing my own stress, and I needed to come up for air. You don’t think you’re going through a lot mentally or emotionally, but your body knows.

“I had to make a change. I have learned to provide my best during the day, leaving things behind me when the workday ends. At home, I am able to recharge, reset, and come back refreshed. I didn’t put an emphasis on that in the beginning. It has definitely been a learning experience from a mental health perspective.