Bringing Hope in Four Wheels: A Spotlight on the Unionville Presbyterian Community Church

A long-term supporter, the Unionville Presbyterian Community Church is always there to support our clients whenever they need it.

LOFT is privileged to have many supporters in our community who are always there to take a leap of faith with us. The Unionville Presbyterian Community Church is one of them. Their commitment to our Crosslinks Street Outreach Van has a big impact on the quality of life of the most vulnerable in York Region.

The Crosslinks Street Outreach program is a comprehensive and coordinated network of services for the homeless in York Region. Through appointments, people experiencing homelessness and poverty can be reached by the van and receive food, clothing, and one-on-one mental health support services.

In 2020, our outreach team was invited to attend a zoom service and talk about our program to their congregation. Following this presentation, the church and its members have been very supportive of the van. We have received several gifts-in-kind, such as sleeping mats made by members of their youth group, and blankets, bags, and food, as well as cash donations. Recently, they donated 10 large bags of rice which our team is able to break down into smaller portions for our street outreach clients.

Their generosity doesn’t stop there. Whenever our van is running low on specific supplies, we’re able to contact the Unionville Presbyterian Community Church and they will go out of their way to purchase these items for us.

Anyone can help stock our Street Outreach Van. If you’re feeling inspired, visit our Ways to Give page for more information on how you can support our work.