February 17, 2021
A Decade of Living with Dignity: Jeff’s Story

When we first met Jeff ten years ago, he was struggling. Chronic poverty, substance use and serious health issues had led to a diminished life. A better reality was possible, but it would take comprehensive care and unwavering support.

Jeff’s journey to health began when he took control of his substance use at CAMH. Drug-free for the first time in years, he had the energy to focus on his physical and mental well-being. Partnering with a LOFT care team at Wilkinson Housing and Support Services helped that process gain real momentum.


With safe housing in place, Jeff worked with his LOFT team to tap into additional supports. His intense physical recovery included multiple extended stays in hospital, as well as two surgeries. The first rebuilt his entire digestive tract, while the second corrected complications that had led to a swollen abdomen. His care team stepped in when they saw how isolated he had become during his recovery.

They were able to connect Jeff with the right support at the right time, including a specialized physiotherapist willing to accept a patient on ODSP.


Health, hope and a caring community are more important now than ever. COVID is keeping us all so isolated, and Jeff has felt that loneliness deeply. “Before COVID, I visited my friends once a week to talk. I miss that,” he says. His team is there for him as much as possible. “The staff is very kind to me,” Jeff explains. “Hasan, my support worker, has been with me when I needed him most.”

LOFT’s Wilkinson Housing and Support Services provides recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation services. It utilizes a peer support model to encourage natural support networks, and includes clients in the decision-making process.