Strategic Plan

About the Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our strategic plan for 2020-2025. Together, we will lead the way, care passionately and be our best.

Since 1953, LOFT has offered dignity and hope to people facing complex challenges. For instance, our clients face challenges around mental and physical health, cognitive impairment, behaviours*, addiction issues and homelessness. The health care system is changing and services need to adapt to keep pace. Moreover, demand for services continues to grow.

Against this backdrop, LOFT will remain true to its roots. From our early beginnings, LOFT’s philosophy of “Leap of Faith Together” has promoted responding to unmet and emerging needs. As such, the plan positions LOFT to continue to adapt and change to execute our mission.

Our Goals

strategic plan - goal 1


LOFT will care passionately and meet the changing needs of people we serve while staying consistently focused on supporting them, amplifying their voices and striving for equity.

strategic plan - goal 2


LOFT will be our best by focusing on continuous quality improvement and setting the highest standards that meet or exceed expectations.

strategic plan - goal 3


LOFT will boldly lead the way in the creation, implementation and evaluation of system-wide solutions that deliver more integrated care and services to those with complex needs.

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Learn about the term behaviours*