Our History

In 1953, a small group of Anglicans merged two youth programs to create Anglican Houses, an independent registered charity able to grow and respond to emerging needs of the day. Over the next three decades, Anglican Houses began offering more housing-based projects to serve adults, seniors and at-risk youth.

The organization has continued to evolve, responding to major social changes and reaching out to people who often fall through the cracks. Throughout our history, we have often been the first — and sometimes the only — group to answer the needs of some of our community’s most under-served and at-risk members. 

Our programs now include a wide range of services for youths, adults and seniors facing mental health and physical challenges, substance use and homelessness, among other issues. We serve everyone and judge no one.

Today, LOFT Community Services is one of the largest mental health service providers in Ontario. We are passionate about meeting our clients’ ever-evolving needs.

To that end, we offer specialized programs reaching thousands of at-risk and marginalized youth, adults and seniors. We offer a wide range of mental health and addiction services, over 1,000 supportive housing units at more than 70 sites in Toronto and York Region, community support teams serving more than 1,800 clients and a large street outreach program.

Tomorrow and into the future, LOFT will continue to grow and change in response to our community’s most urgent needs, developing programs and services to carry our values and leap of faith philosophy forward.