Code of Conduct for Non-Elected Volunteers

Adopted September 2016

Updated Feb 2018


LOFT expects its volunteers to conduct themselves and the work they do on LOFT’s behalf, in a manner that honours LOFT values and does not detract from public trust and confidence.


Volunteers must treat with respect all clients, staff and fellow volunteers with whom they interact while volunteering with LOFT. Volunteers will not discriminate against any person or persons by reason of age, creed (religion), gender (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), sexual orientation, gender identity, family status (such as being in a parent-child relationship), marital status (including the status of being married, single, widowed, divorced, separated, or living in a conjugal relationship outside of marriage, whether in a same sex or opposite sex relationship), disability (including mental, physical, developmental or learning disabilities), race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, colour, political affiliation, or by association or relationship with a person identified by one of the above grounds or the perception that one of the above grounds applies.

Volunteers will not seek or accept gifts, payments, services, or other valuable privileges from any person, organization or group that is engaged or seeks to become engaged with LOFT in any way.

Volunteers must maintain the highest standard of confidentiality regarding information obtained directly or indirectly through their involvement with LOFT and at all times adhere to LOFT’s Confidentiality Policy for Volunteers.

Unless expressly designated by the CEO to do so, a volunteer does not speak on behalf of LOFT. It is not appropriate for a volunteer to express an opinion publicly unless it is an opinion pertaining specifically to their personal experience as a LOFT volunteer. When a volunteer expresses an opinion privately on a subject related to LOFT’s work, it is incumbent upon them to make clear that this is a personal opinion and not the opinion of LOFT.

Volunteers will remain cognizant of and sensitive to the vulnerability of individuals served by LOFT. When interacting with clients, volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner and will maintain appropriate boundaries at all time. It is not acceptable for a volunteer to socialize with a client outside the program or to give or receive a gift or favour to or from a client, without the knowledge and approval of the Contact Person. It is not appropriate for a volunteer to provide personal or financial advantage to a client.



I have read, understand and accept the LOFT Volunteer Code of Conduct.


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