Service Plans

Effective date: September 30, 2011

Revised January 2018

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Annual Quality report from each program

Each year LOFT Community Services requires a written Service Plan from each program in order to ensure quality services. These plans contain statistics and information ensuring the effectiveness of the program. It reviews goal attainment over the past year and includes program planning for the coming year. Each Service Plan follows a specific outline and must ensure staff and client input into the development of the Service Plan.

As part of the ongoing evaluation process of the program, a consumer survey is conducted on an annual basis. This survey provides the clients’ evaluation and comments concerning their services. Survey results are shared with the Senior management team.

Face to Face Focus Groups with Clients, staff and Program Directors

Every year, the CEO and Senior Service Director will meet with 3 different stakeholder groups from each of the various service programs of LOFT Community Services: The service users, the front line staff and the program director and/or coordinator. The CEO will set up a meeting with each program’s service users and staff. The CEO also will meet with the Directors of youth, Adult and seniors’ programs.

The purpose of these meetings will be to:

• Review the accomplishments of the past year

• Review input from service users

• Review overall program outcomes, data and client satisfaction with service delivery

• Examine trends in service use: Demographics, service use statistics, needs, environmental changes, etc.

• Review plans for the coming year around developing services within a quality framework

• Receive feedback and updates from the CEO and Service Directors on the accomplishments of the past year, future plans and observations on trends and changes within the overall service system.


See program manual.