Gifts to the Investment Fund

Adopted September 2016

Relevant Legislation: Not applicable tot his policy

Reviewed Feb 1, 2018


To confirm LOFT’s ability to accept charitable donations to the Investment Funds and the terms and conditions thereof.


The “Investment Fund” refers to LOFT’s capital and discretionary funds.


LOFT accepts gifts to its Investment Fund, the purpose of which is to ensure the long-term financial health and stability of the organization.

Gifts can be designated by the donor to be added to the Investment Fund. In general, unrestricted or undesignated gifts made by will are also added to the Investment Fund.

LOFT does not generally accept gifts that require the establishment and management of a separate investment fund or a separately endowed fund. This type of gift would only be considered if the size of the gift warranted the creation of such a separate fund, and acceptance of the gift would require board approval.

LOFT does not have a separately constituted endowment fund.