Naming of Buildings, Parts of Buildings & Spaces

Revised September 2016

Relevant Legislation: Not applicable to this policy

Reviewed Feb 1, 2018


LOFT Community Services sets out conditions under which buildings, parts of buildings or spaces may be named in honour of individuals or organizations.

The underlying principle of any naming is that the person(s) or organization(s) for whom the space will be named and LOFT Community Services should both be honoured by the naming of the building, part of building or space.


Persons or organizations that may be honoured by the naming of a building, part of building or space include:

a)    Persons or organizations that have contributed to the life and mission of LOFT Community Services through voluntarism or other dedicated services.


b)    Persons or organizations that, through their contributions of capital or other assets, enable LOFT Community Services to further its mission.

The name may refer to a foundation, individual, family or similar unit or to a respectable commercial or business unit.

In the case of naming in recognition of philanthropy, the guiding principle shall be that the gift received will represent at minimum between 20% and 50% of the cost of the named building, part of building or space. The terms and conditions of such a naming will be set out in a written agreement signed by both LOFT and the donor or donor representative.

The autonomy of LOFT shall be safeguarded at all times. The attribution of a name does not imply or confer any involvement or oversight into the operations of LOFT Community Services.

It is the intention of LOFT Community Services to respect the donor’s intent. If, however, circumstances change so that the entire amount of the gift is not received by LOFT, LOFT may at its option remove the donor’s name from the named space, or any part therein or thereon where the donor’s name appears, and/or reduce the name or form of recognition from that set out in any written agreement and/or offer the donor an alternate naming opportunity and benefits commensurate with the donor’s level of giving.

In the event that a named building, part of building or space is renovated, sold or its use changes in any other way that affects the naming and form of recognition contemplated in the gift agreement, LOFT will inform the donor if possible, and will make every effort to find an optional way to continue appropriate recognition of the donor. This may include naming of an alternate building, part of building or space, or the installation of a suitable recognition plaque.

Ultimate authority to accept or decline any proposal on the name of a building rests with the Board of Directors. The naming of parts of buildings and spaces may be done at the discretion of senior management.

Ultimate authority to discontinue the designated name of a building, part of a building or space, or to transfer the name to another building, part of a building or space rests with the Board of Directors.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, no naming will be approved or existing name continued that will call into question the integrity, reputation or public image of LOFT Community Services.