LOFT General Information

Revised January 2018

LOFT Community Services is committed to quality service throughout the whole organization. Policies are guidelines that help regulate and shape organizational behavior.  The following policies are statements of LOFT’s organizational values and standards of practice.  Staff are expected to be familiar with LOFT’s policies and to review these on an annual basis.  This to help ensure quality and best practices in delivering services.  The policy manual is to be available to all staff..

There are four sets of policy guidelines and regulations for LOFT which are contained in four different places:

1.  The LOFT general Policy manual (this manual)

2. Program specific procedure manuals which are particular to each program (found in each program)

3. The Employee handbook

4. The Health and Safety Manual

Policies will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that they are complete and up to date.  If you have concerns or questions about any policies, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Mission, Operating Principles and PSR Values

What follows in this section of the Manual are LOFT’s Mission Statement, its Operating principles, two different formats which describe PSR (Psycho-Social Rehabilitation) principles and LOFT’s Organizational Chart.  All of LOFT’s service delivery is guided by PSR principles.