Social Media

Effective date: May 6, 2014

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation:

No applicable to this policy.


LOFT Community Services recognizes the importance of the internet and social media in shaping public thinking about our organization and the issues that are important to us. LOFT is committed to supporting honest, transparent, knowledgeable and respectful communication through social media.

LOFT uses and manages its social media sites in order to communicate with donors, supporters and interested members of the public, to inform and engage on topics related to the work of LOFT, its impact and its significance to society.

Because anything posted on social media is “published” and has the potential to be read by anyone, as a service to staff, LOFT also offers guidelines to assist staff in the safe and effective use of social media.

LOFT Social Media Values:

LOFT communication will be guided online, as it is off-line, by the values that underlie our mission:

  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Passion for the Work


Not applicable to this policy.


Responsibility for LOFT-sponsored Sites

LOFT makes use of Facebook, WordPress and YouTube, as well as the official LOFT website, and from time to time other social media may be added. The LOFT website and all social media are managed by the Development Department.

The Director of Development is responsible for all web and social media accounts.

Establishing a LOFT presence on any public social network must be authorized beforehand by the CEO.

LOFT is not responsible for the content of any website outside of the domain. The inclusion of any non-LOFT link, whether by a LOFT employee or anyone posting on the site, does not imply endorsement by LOFT of that website and may be removed if it is felt to be not in the best interests of LOFT.

Terms and conditions for the use of LOFT social media sites are posted in the Footer of every page on the LOFT website at  

Monitoring Policy

LOFT social media sites are monitored and prompt action will be taken when issues arise. LOFT reserves the right to remove posted content that is slanderous, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, vulgar, profane, obscene, threatening, is off-topic or appears to promote a commercial product or service.

Decisions regarding the removal of content are made by the CEO, Director of Operations and/or Director of Development.

Negative Comments or Posts

In order to ensure respectful and positive dialogue, any item for posting on a LOFT social media site will be submitted to the Development Department. The Development Department reserves the right to edit posts for spelling, grammar, accuracy and length.

Items that include inaccuracies, misinformation, or wrong or misleading facts, or that contain disrespectful or derogatory language will not be posted.

If, as a staff member, you come across such a post or comment on a non-LOFT site please let the Development Department know by emailing with the details. Please remember that you do not have the authority to act as a LOFT spokesperson. Please do not enter into a fight or argument on LOFT’s behalf; keep it positive and professional.


Photographs posted on social media sites can easily be appropriated by visitors. Wherever possible, LOFT posts images at 72 dpi and approximately 800×600 resolution. This makes images viewable on the web but not suitable for printing.


The LOFT logo and the T-dot icon are registered trademarks of LOFT Community Services and may not be used by anyone for any purpose without the express permission of the CEO.

Personal vs Professional

It is not appropriate for LOFT staff to “friend” clients on social media. Staff should not initiate or accept friend requests from clients, except in unusual circumstances and the staff member is to consult with his or her immediate supervisor before initiating or accepting such a request.

Staff members in management or supervisory roles are discouraged from initiating “friend” requests with employees they manage.  As well, staff are discouraged from sending “friend” requests to their managers or supervisors.

For policies on the use of mobile devices and texting, please refer to Mobile Communication Devices in the LOFT Online Policy Manual for additional information


Guidelines for Staff Participation in Social Media

While communicating through social media is primarily a personal matter, it is not private. In many cases, written conversations inside social media networks can be found through search engines such as Google. Even where only your contacts can see what you write, there is the possibility that one of them may forward what you say and make it visible to a wider audience. Therefore, personal conversations within social media should be considered public rather than private.

When staff communicates through social media, unless specifically authorized by the CEO to speak on behalf of LOFT, they are representing themselves. If you write anything related to your work at LOFT, make it clear that what you say is your own opinion or view and that you are not presenting yourself as a spokesperson for LOFT.

If any staff member comes across a positive or negative remark about LOFT or its programs or services that the staff member believes may be important, they are encouraged to share the remark by forwarding it to

Privacy and Permission

LOFT has clear policies regarding the privacy and protection of client, staff and donor information, and these policies apply to social media as they do to all other communication.

LOFT staff should respect the privacy rights of co-workers and must not disclose work-related information about other staff members without their permission. Staff must not post photographs or images of clients, funders or volunteers obtained through a work-related interaction or exchange, or in any way associated with a work relationship.

General Guidelines

  • Recognize that you are entering a Social System.

Social media is like any social event – a meeting, party, etc. Behave with the same good manners you would use in any of these social environments. Take care to ensure your actions and behaviours are consistent with the image you want to portray as a LOFT staff member. Keep in mind that you are sharing a social space with LOFT staff colleagues, clients, funders, your mother and your boss.

  • Remember Google never forgets.

Everything you post stays online for a long time. Think before posting something you might regret later. Understand that nothing you post can be guaranteed to remain private.

  • You are Not an Official Spokesperson

If you find yourself discussing topics relating to your work, LOFT programs or services, please state clearly that your views and opinions are your own. Sharing and commenting are important aspects of social media. However, when talking about your work, be sure to make it clear that you are not an official LOFT communication channel and you are not speaking on behalf of LOFT. This is especially important if you are adding a LOFT-related post to your own site or commenting on a third-party site.

  • Know your Business

Be true to LOFT values and principles. Be sure that what you are about to post is honest and accurate, no matter what the subject matter may be. Check the facts for yourself before you post them. Do not pass along gossip or hearsay.