Donor Anonymity

Adopted September 2016

Reviewed Feb 1, 2018

Relevant Legislation

Not applicable to this policy.


To ensure that LOFT abides by the wishes of donors regarding anonymity.


Not applicable to this policy.


LOFT respects the right of donors to remain anonymous.

Although a donor’s legal name and valid mailing address must be collected and recorded in order to issue a charitable tax receipt, donors have the right to request that their name not be published.

All donation forms, online giving forms, direct mail response cards and any other printed or electronic form used by LOFT to collect information regarding a donation, includes a check box enabling the donor to request anonymity. All requests for anonymity are recorded in LOFT’s donor database and the names of donors requesting anonymity are never made public or included in any donor listings.

Unless the donor specifically indicates otherwise, a donor’s request for anonymity affects only the public acknowledgement of their gift. Private or personal acknowledgement, including thank you letters, event invitations, stewardship meetings, etc., is provided to an anonymous donor in exactly the same manner in which it is provide to all other donors.


See Development Manual