Use of Integrated Assessment Record

Effective date: September 30, 2011

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation:

Not applicable to this policy.


The intent is to standardize the use of Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) database.


Integrated Assessment Record is an application that allows assessment information to move with the client from one health service provider to another. Health Service Providers (HSPs) can use the IAR to view timely client assessment information electronically, securely and accurately.


  1. Only authorized staff has an access to IAR.
  2. Staff cannot share or disclose their IAR passwords.
  3. Authorized staff can access IAR only from authorized IP address locations.
  4. Authorized staff is not permitted to print any assessments from IAR.
  5. Staff is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of all data in the IAR, and not permitted to communicate this data to any other person except within the ‘circle of care’ for the client.
  6. Client has the right to view his/her assessments in IAR if the assessments were completed by LOFT staff.  Staff is not allowed to grant the client access to any assessments completed by another HSP, which are stored in IAR.


See program manual.