Gift Acceptance Policy

Adopted September 2016

Relevant Legislation

Reviewed Feb 1, 2018

Not applicable to this policy.


To provide a guideline for the acceptance of charitable gifts.


Not applicable to this policy.


LOFT accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission, purposes and priorities.

The LOFT development staff is authorized to accept all gifts of publicly trading securities and cash, and gifts of property other than real estate.

Gifts of property other than real estate that are not considered marketable or that the donor does not wish LOFT to sell, and that are not of use to LOFT or its service users, will not be accepted.

Gifts of real estate are subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors.

LOFT does not accept gifts that violate the terms of its corporate charter, jeopardize its charitable status, are for purposes outside the mission of LOFT, will be difficult to administer, or that may result in any obligation or liability.


See Development Manual