Student Placement /Volunteer Eligibility and Code of Conduct

 Relevant Legislation

Revised January 2018

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LOFT supports the guidelines for volunteer involvement as specified in the “Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement”.


In order to maintain its commitment to professionalism, LOFT  maintains eligibility criteria and a code of conduct for all volunteers and student placements.

All volunteers of LOFT must meet the following general criteria:

  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Have a professional manner;
  • Be punctual;
  • Be reliable;
  • Understand and adhere to LOFT policies and procedures;
  • Be able to follow directions and receive feedback; and
  • Demonstrate appropriate skills matching the organization’s requirements.

In addition to the general criteria, each volunteer may need to meet particular expectations that are specific to each unique program area. This will be discussed with the Director.



  • To be recognized as a valued member of a team;
  • To be given a meaningful assignment that has been clearly described;
  • To be fully oriented and trained for his/her assignment;
  • To participate in evaluations of his her role; and
  • To be given guidance, support and direction, as needed.


  • To understand and meet the commitment involved. If a student is not completely clear about his/her assigned task or needs further direction, he/she should ask for assistance;
  • To be dependable and notify the program’s contact person as soon as it is known that he/she is unable to continue with his/her commitment.



  • At LOFT, all client information must be kept in the strictest confidence;
  • Student placements are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (HR to provide). Breaches in confidentiality are grounds for termination of the assignment.



  • If a student is unable to attend a scheduled shift, he/she should notify the contact person in advance so that other arrangements can be made;
  • Chronic absenteeism is not acceptable and may lead to the termination of a placement.

Changes of Information

  • Changes of address, phone number, etc, must be submitted to the program staff.



  • Each student will have an opportunity to evaluate his/her role, and will also be evaluated periodically by his/her contact person.

Hours of Work

  • The hours of service will be agreed upon with the contact person at the interview but may include some hours outside of those specified, when appropriate, such as special event days.



  • All students will be given specific orientation to the program by the contact person, or designate.

Use of Personal Vehicle

  • Under no circumstances should a student of LOFT transport clients in his/her personal vehicle;
  • On occasion, a student may be asked to use his/her personal vehicle for LOFT business, such as shopping;
  • Students will be compensated for use of their personal vehicles when providing service as part of their placement, at a rate that is consistent with the LOFT Finance policy for mileage reimbursement. This is to be pre-approved by their placement supervisor.


  • If, in the opinion of the designated contact person, a student is deemed to be in violation of the standards of LOFT, the contact person, in consultation with the specific Director, will take appropriate action to terminate the placement.
  • This termination may be without notice and the reasons will be documented.

Please See Program Manual.