Legal Matters

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation Not applicable


LOFT will fully cooperate in all court ordered investigations and will provide its full cooperation in any other legal matters while maintaining its commitment to the privacy and well-being of its employees and clients.



Not Applicable


All court ordered investigatory matters will, within one business day, be referred to a Senior Director, or designate, for review and direction.


Employees presented with a subpoena will be given time off to testify in court.

Search Warrants

When presented with an arrest or search warrant, staff should presume that the warrant is valid and should comply with the request. Employees are to notify their supervisor or designate immediately of the situation.


Investigations and other Legal Matters

Except for subpoenas, all requests from attorneys are the same as any request from the general public and do not have the force of the law. Therefore, any compliance by LOFT in these matters is voluntary. All such requests shall be forwarded to the supervisor, or designate, for review and direction.


Direction of Records

Should a legal investigation take place, the destruction of all records will cease until the investigation is complete.

Staff shall keep all legal matters confidential, regardless of the nature of the investigation or order, and shall fully cooperate with all direction and requests by the Executive Director, or designate, regarding such matters.


See Program Manual.