Rights of the Client

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation

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LOFT will protect the rights and safety of clients, especially in the delivery of services and their ongoing interactions with the clients served.



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LOFT employees will endeavor to protect the rights of clients, including the right to freedom from financial or other exploitation, humiliation and neglect. LOFT is committed to the continuous improvement of quality of service.

LOFT employees will, in a timely manner, provide access to the following:

  • Information pertinent to the client served in sufficient time to facilitate decision-making;
  • Informed consent or refusal or expression of choice regarding service delivery, release of information, concurrent services, and composition of the service delivery team;
  • Access to referral to legal entities for appropriate representations;
  • Access to self-help and advocacy support services;
  • Direction for investigation and resolution of alleged infringement of rights and other legal rights (refer to Complaints Procedure)
  • Client rights will be reviewed with the client annually and this will be documented.



See Program Manual